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Small Space Interior Tips
Trying to make a new apartment feel like home can be hard, especially when you have no ideas about anythign.You might have a wonderful picture in your mind, when it comest to reality, interior considerations will "scare" you away.

Fortunately, we’re sharing the following small apartment design ideas from our home design team to help you tackle your space in style.

Light it up with wall lamps
If you’re looking for small apartment design ideas involving lighting, wall lamps are the way you won't regret trying. They light up your home without wasting valuable floor space or table surface area, meanwhile, it creates a sense of artistic and flexibility.

Put on a carpet on the floor
One of the best small apartment design ideas is to cover the unattractive floor with a pretty carpet. Not only does a rug or carpet add style, but it also helps define zones in your layout. Plus, rugs are easy to roll up and move, they are environmentally used which means you can transnfer to any new places in the future.

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