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Home Market Predict In Next Five Years


What is the trendy furniture for the next five years? Experts believed that the trend of furniture design depends on the needs of young generations, for who are in the major furniture consumers. The consumption pattern for living room furniture is evolving among the youth population. The group of 20-40 year-old represents the major youth segment of the total population and this consumer segment has been growing rapidly over these five years. Due to the busy lifestyle of such consumers, they’re particularly seeking for relaxation during their leisure time. Recliner sofa chairs or sofas provide extra comfort to match with that of consumers’ requirements and expectations.

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The number of private or independent brands is increasing in the global recliner sofas market, thereby increasing the competition for global and regional vendors. The young generations hope to express the personality and peculiarity with everything around their lives. With unique and quirky sofa base design, a recliner could be a part of art living in your home.

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