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New development of Children's furniture market

 It is learned that the national standards of China's first children's furniture general technical conditions "is expected to formally implemented in August this year, the introduction of this standard will be the end of both children and adults combined status of a furniture national standard.


  Some furniture companies believe that the new GB, higher demands for children's furniture, raw materials, process, equipment, etc., or will increase the price of finished office furniture. Some consumers are optimistic about the new Peugeot force to eliminate the security risks of children's furniture, and improve environmental performance, but also worry that companies take the opportunity to price increases.


  Children's furnitureprice is high, and high profit margins, this is a misunderstanding. Children's furniture selection, pest control, production technology, equipment and other higher cost of a corresponding increase in the majority of children's furniture prices are high. The new standards will strengthen children's furniture making materials, environmental protection and practicality, which makes the production cost becomes higher, some SMEs in the short term prices will be increased. With the implementation of the new standards, children's furniture and gradually formed the standardization, mass production, the overall market price will return to stability.


  The industry generally believe that children's furniture general technical conditions "in the market promotion, and strictly enforced, will play a stabilizing children's furniture market, the role of the healthy development of children's furniture market is stable, or will attract more brands to enter the , the formation of healthy competition, prices will naturally fall.

  Industry experts, the implementation of new standards to regulate the market, will conduct a thorough reshuffle of the industry, some low-quality, small-scale enterprises to be eliminated in the shuffle so that the local market to be purified. At the same time, foreign brands are likely to make significant inroads into the domestic market, will further promote the product technology upgrading.


   According to Zhu Changling, vice chairman of the China National Furniture Association, children's furniture started in the late 1990s, after 10 years of development, have accounted for about 10% of the share of the domestic furniture market.


  Through 10 years development, children's furniture market is increasingly subject to the attention and concern of the domestic and foreign furniture enterprises. Product design and development, production or marketing, there is much room for improvement. June is the traditional children's furniture, promotional quarter, after nearly a decade of development, children's furniture market is increasingly subject to the attention and concern of the domestic and foreign furniture enterprises.

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