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ZOW is the key to the Europe Furniture Market


Zow trade show is the best way for anyone who is seeking access to the lucrative German domestic furniture market for the furniture industry & interior design. While Interzum regards itself as the leading international trade show, each year the ZOW offers decision-makers in the industry an exclusive and concentrated supplier platform. Precisely when the furniture industry is placing its orders, the ZOW exhibitors present their professional audience with new products, materials and process ideas for furniture production right in the middle of Europe's largest furniture cluster East Westphalia Lippe.

For the upcoming show, the organiser Clarion Events Deutschland anticipates approximately 13,500 trade professionals and approximately 490 regional, national and international exhibitors from all across the furniture supply industry. These include producers of semi-finished products such as Westag & Getalit, exhibitors of handles and frontages such as Karl W. Niemann, specialists in built-in components and systems such as the Hailo-Werk and accessory manufacturers such as the Italian company Airforce Spa. The current list of exhibitors can be called up online at any time at www.zow.de.   


Meeting Place ZOW: direct entry into Europe's leading furniture market

ZOW functions as a concentrated networking and order exchange is in the middle of this high-density area centred around the furniture and kitchen furniture industries,Confirmed by  ZOW advisor Holger Dzeia, Managing Director of the exhibitor Interprint: "For us, the ZOW is the most important trade show for the Western European market. This is where we meet customers from the region East Westphalia Lippe, but also a lot of international guests“. And for the development of the trade show, he adds: "The ZOW is changing – away from pure product presentation towards more communication and networking – but its significance as a supplier platform for the furniture and interior design industry in the East Westphalia Lippe region will remain. The slogan of the ZOW 2013 puts it in a nutshell: "ZOW – your key to the market“. From here, it is possible to tap into the German furniture market directly,

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