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Trestle-type Tables Are More And More Popular

In the modern life, more and more companies are looking for new solutions to update a conference room and dining area. They’d like to create a modern and comfortable space for eating and gathering in the office. When looking for the perfect trestle-type table for an office, Union Star has the newest modern styles and designs. Union Star Group was founded in 1990. In two decades, we have grown to one of the biggest hardware furniture components manufacturers in China. Union Star Group is composed by Union Star Import and Export Co., Ltd, Intop Furniture Components Factory, Intop Electroplating Factory, Union Star Cast Iron Factory. We also three branch offices in Shunde, Dongguan and Hangzhou.

Buying any type of office furniture can be a frustrating process because there are so many different colours, combinations, and designs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Union Star makes choosing a trestle-type table enjoyable. Their unequalled passion and enthusiasm for design means that every customer is very satisfied with the service, the quality of products, and the personal attention is received when doing business with Union Star.

Whether a customer is looking to create a traditional scene or a modern alfresco setting, Union Star has the perfect selection of tables and chairs to choose from. No job is too big or too small for this company.

One of the more popular products offered by Union Star are trestle-type tables, which are stylish while also being functional. A trestle-type table is comprised of two or three supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member, over which a board or tabletop is placed. The majority of the support is in the centre of the table, unlike other tables with a leg at each of the four corners. This design provides more leg room and the ability to comfortably seat more people at the table.

Union Star doesn’t just sell furnishing. They also have an extensive knowledge of space planning and they provide overall project planning. The work team’s project coordination skills encourage a “hands on” approach to project implementation and building refurbishment. Meanwhile, Providing timely and considerate service to furniture producers all over the world is our management tenets.

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