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Established in 1990, UNIONSTAR started with the aim of bringing cost effective, innovative, quality products together with excellent service to the furniture industry. We have continued to strengthen our position as a manufacturer of luxuriously design.

UNIONSTAR owns more than 65 patents. Innovation is one of the crucial forces behind our success. To us, being innovative means showing great willingness to learn and change. In two decades,we have grown to one of the biggest hardware furniture components manufacturers in China.




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Union Star Table Base Website                http://www.ustablebase.com


Union Star Online Mart                             http://www.unionstar.com.cn/







Our main products include:Base,Legs,Sofa base, Dome Base,Bugle base,Lentil base,Flat base,Trump base,Chair base,Chair feet,Sofa leg,Pedestal,Furniture legs. UNIONSTAR-building the most high-end sofa hardware.

Tel:+86-750-3212613  E-mail:sales@unionstar.biz Address:Bldg.7,No.6,Jianda South Road,Hongda Culture Creative Industry Park,Jiangmen,Guangdong,China.
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